This is a step by step guide on how to setup a IMAP account on Outlook - IMAP leaves a copy of your mail on the server as well as downloading to your mailbox.

  1.  Open your Outlook, click ‘file’ on the top left and then ‘info’ there you will see your account information – Click on Add account.

IMAP setup1


2. When the ‘Add new account’ appears select manually configure email server settings or additional server types.



IMAP setup2

3. Now Select ‘Internet Email’ then click next.

IMAP setup3

4.  Now fill out all your details that are required, once you have done that click on ‘more settings’.

IMAP setup4

5. Now you’re in more settings the first thing you will need to do it click on ‘Outgoing Sever’ there you will need to tick the box ‘My outgoing sever (SMTP) requires authentication’. Make sure ‘Use same settings as incoming server’ is also ticked.

IMAP setup5

6. Now select the last tab ‘Advanced’ here you will need to change the outgoing port number to ‘587’, then press OK.

IMAP setup6

7. Now test your account settings, you should have all green ticks, if there errors read them and check over your account settings and retry.

IMAP Setup7

8.  Your account is all setup now, open up you Outlook and you should see your new mailbox on the left hand side.

IMAP Setup8