A popular, low cost way, of hosting one or more websites, Virtualization is indistinguishable from a dedicated or co-located server, except that it shares resources with other users. Multiple virtual servers can exist on a single web server. Depending on the specification, a virtual server can often host dozens or hundreds of websites simultaneously, without affecting the performance of each individual site.

What is Server Virtualization ?

Here’s how it works. One powerful server is partitioned or segmented into smaller servers, i.e. Virtualization . This allows greater power and speed with full ‘root’ access on Linux servers or admin level remote desktop on Windows servers whenever needed.

A virtual server runs alongside a number of others on the same hardware. Each may have the same amount of disk space and memory usage or you can specify your own amount of memory and disk space and we’ll set it up as per your requirements. All users exist separately within the bigger partitioned server and are not known to each other. You get your own IP address with log in details and have 24/7 access. In the event that another customer breaks theirs, only theirs is affected, and your virtual server will continue as if nothing has happened. As with all our servers, yours will be located in our high security location behind multiple Cisco firewalls.

Aside from the low cost advantage, you also have the advantage of choice of operating system too. You may for instance prefer a Windows server instead of Linux, or vice versa, or you could run one of each if you need both operating systems for different projects. Virtual servers put you in the driver’s seat with 24/7 access and full root control.

If you would like a quote for a virtual server, please contact us on +44 (0) 1689 875 777. We understand that your requirements may not meet an off the shelf package. This doesn't have to mean it will be more expensive but more tailored to you.