Microsoft Exchange Server

Enterprise email at consumer prices

Microsoft Exchange is reliable and an easy to use software that is run on Microsoft Windows servers, this software database holds information such as Emails, Calendars, Notes and Contacts allowing users to view any of these applications when they login to their mail box. It also allows you to share this information with people if you have agreed for them to see it e.g. you want to share your calendar with a colleague to share dates for meetings. This feature is great for Companies who need to provide employees with a constant link to each other’s emails, notes etc. Also if you are travelling a lot and need to access while on the move, you can access these services through a mobile device you just have to be connected to internet or a 3G/4G network, receiving all your messages just as you would on your main PC. Each user receives 25GB mailbox storage and also allows you to send messages up to 25MB, you can get an In-Place Archive which has unlimited storage if you were ever likely to exceed this limit.


Simplicity of Communication

Microsoft Exchange can run through using most Email services like Outlook, Thunderbird and Mac Mail, not restricting you to a certain Email service you can choose upon your preferred format. If you are running a small business and you would like to keep you and your colleagues connected in one place Exchange will fully support your mail, letting you access not just your own mailbox but anyone who has been given access, also a great feature if you have a new training employee you can have a constant viewing of what they are sending and receiving. Exchange automatically syncs your mail information so if you receive and email on your PC it will appear on your mobile device in a matter of seconds so you’re never out of the loop. Another feature that is useful is an out of office reply, even though it is already widely used on most software the new releases on Exchange you can set a time and date of when you would like the auto response to start running and also when you would like it to cease. Exchange also uses a very powerful search facility which recognises word filtering so you can easily find emails and contacts within a matter of seconds rather than trolling through a long list of emails. This service also has built in anti-malware and anti-SPAM so you won’t have to deal with unwanted mail, you can also have an In-Place archive which reduces inbox clutter, automatically moving it to the In-Place archive for you. In-Place hold is also available to preserve deleted and edited mailboxes allowing you to have unlimited storage.


Work where ever you like

Exchange allows mobile access to everything that you would be able to use on the Computer like your Emails, Contacts, calendars etc. so you can schedule meetings into your Calendar on the move and anyone you have shared your calendar with will be able to see within seconds so you do not have to be dedicated to only one computer. You can use Exchange on any device that can access emailing services such as Windows phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Android and Blackberry devices and still uses a similar format to the Web version so there’s no confusion.


Let people know where you are, and book resources.

Share calendar is a fantastic feature allowing you to share calendars with people of your choice so colleagues, clients or whoever you choose to share with can view your calendar. Also you can access collaboration features letting you compare great for scheduled meetings or dates for when you aren’t available, rather than having to do so via phone or email. Other accessible features include group sharing, notes, global address list, external contacts, tasks and conference rooms.


Be up-to-date and on the move

Exchange uses ActiveSync which is one of the most loved features on this software, it allows you to have all your messages including; HTML messages, conversation grouping of email messages, ability to synchronize or not sync an entire conversation, support of viewing message reply status, support faster message retrieval, enhanced exchanged search, support for setting up automatic replies when users are away, on vacation or out of office etc. All these great features are perfect for people who use their phones to access their email as well as PC, keeping all their information up to date and also safe guards their account so if your computer were to go down for a few hours you could keep on top of everything through your phone.

Anti-SPAM and Anti-Malware protection

Protecting your communications

Everyone receives some kind of spam, and there is no single tool that eliminates all of the incoming spam, but Microsoft Exchange 2013 runs on a layered, multi pronged system to dramatically reduce incoming spam. It also uses transport agents to filter out spam that is directed at your email address. Other features including; Sender filter agents – this type of filter agent compares mail from SMTP command to an administrator-defined list of senders or sender domains that are prohibited from sending messages to the organisation. Recipient filter agent – Recipient filtering compares message recipients on the RCPT TO: SMTP command and scans through the block list, if a match is found from an unauthorised recipient it will be rejected. Content filter agent – this assesses the content of the message and places it in a different locations it also uses spam quarantine to prevent losing legitimate mail. Protocol analysis agent – This is an underlying agent that implements the sender functionality, this manly relies on the persisted data of the IP address of the sender to determine if it should take actions against the address trying to reach your mail box. Anti-malware is built in the Microsoft exchange 2010 and 2013 but in the 2013 server is designed to protect your email against viruses and spyware which if you receive can go through you data and programmes, spreading through your computer scanning your files for information that may give them access to personal accounts and details. Like the spam filter the anti-malware it uses a layered system to stop them accessing your mailbox, every server checks for new malware definitions on the hour to provide a constant protection for your mail, if the malware filter has deemed the email to be unsafe you will not be able to access the message in any way for your computers protection.

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Exchange is overall a great software for business men and woman to have easy, protected and highly reliable service. It’s also very affordable for users being one of many reason it is so popular, by choosing this service you are provided with constant support, access to your email as long as you are connected to a 3G/4G or internet connection which is accessible almost anywhere.

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